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Getting started

The best way to airdrop 🦄

Dropys is a airdrop tool that automates the airdropping process. No more manually sending transactions by hand. Simply click a button and send your NFT to an unlimited number of wallets.


Token selector

You can save the time and headache of getting the contract address and token IDs of the NFTs you want to send.

Simply select the token you want to send from the list of NFTs and tokens Dropys detects from your wallet.

Wallet groups

You can save the time you would spend manually curating lists for airdrops.

You can easily select lists of wallets your want to airdrop to, for example: all of your NFT collectors or all of the Bored Ape Yacht Club collectors.

Auto signing

You save time and gas costs by using our transaction batching.

Dropys will automatically batch your transactions and guide you to sign your transactions with your wallet.


We're excited to see the community adopt Dropys, raise issues, and provide feedback. Whether it's a feature request, bug report, or a project to showcase, please get involved!