How To Airdrop NFTs, Tokens & Cryptocurrencies

Airdrop NFTs, Tokens & Cryptocurrencies with Dropys, the #1 airdrop tool on the market. Dropys airdrop tool.

Airdrop NFTs, Tokens & Cryptocurrencies with Dropys, the #1 airdrop tool on the market. Dropys airdrop tool.

Dropys is the #1 Airdrop tool on the market due to its brand trustworthiness and simple user interface. Once you log in, you will be greeted with our dashboard.

Dropys Airdrop Tool Dashboard

Step 1: Select "Create Airdrop"

To start your airdrop process, click the blue "create airdrop" button to enter the airdrop flow.

How To Airdrop

Step 2: Choose Your Token Input Method

Automatically multi send crypto NFTs Tokens 

Auto Airdrop

This option automatically detects any tokens, NFTs, and Cryptocurrencies in your wallet. You can search for a specific token by scrolling or using the search bar to enter the token by name or contract address.

automatically airdrop
automatically airdrop 

Step 1: Select A Token To Airdrop

Dropys automatically detects any token, NFT, and cryptocurrency in your wallet. Simply select which token you would like to send.

Step 2: Select A List Of Wallets To Send To

If you have already created a list of token holders, select the list that you want to send the token, NFT, or cryptocurrency to.

If you still need to generate a list of token holders, learn how here.

generate a list of token holders

Step 3: Review Checkout Cart

Name your airdrop, review wallet addresses, and update the quantity of tokens each wallet address should receive.

airdrop nfts tokens and crypto

Manual Airdrop

If you're having a difficult time finding a token in your wallet, you can use the manual option with allows users to manually input the specific token ID and contract address of the NFT, Token, or Cryptocurrency to send.

how to airdrop

Step 1: Select The Network

Select what blockchain the cryptocurrency, NFT, or custom token was minted on.

polygon binance ethereum airdrop tool
polygon binance ethereum airdrop tool 

Step 2: Input Airdrop Data

If you're sending an NFT or Token, you will need to input the contract address and specific token ID (if it's an NFT) before you can send it.

Once you've manually input the correct token details, you can either upload a custom CSV of wallet addresses or copy and paste it directly into the box below.

Learn where to find the NFT contract address and Token ID here.

airdrop tool
airdrop tool

Step 3: Checkout

multi send NFTs
multi send NFTs

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