How To Airdrop With Dropys

Airdrop NFTs, Tokens & Cryptocurrencies with Dropys, the #1 airdrop tool on the market. Dropys airdrop tool.

Airdrop NFTs, Tokens & Cryptocurrencies with Dropys, the #1 airdrop tool on the market. Dropys airdrop tool.

Dropys is the #1 Airdrop tool on the market due to its brand trustworthiness and simple user interface. Once you log in, you will be greeted with our airdrop tool.

dropys airdrop tool welcome screen
Dropys airdrop tool welcome screen

Step 1: Click "Select Wallets that will receive airdrop"

To start your airdrop process, click the blue "select wallets that will receive airdrop" button to enter the airdrop flow.

Step 1A: Select NFT You Want Token Holders From

This step generates a list of wallet addresses for you. Simply choose one of the 3 methods of obtaining a list of token holders associated with a specific NFT collection.

Option 1: Dropys automatically detects all of the NFTs that live inside your wallet. To get a list of token holders from an NFT inside of your wallet, simply click on that NFT.

Option 2: If you can't find your NFT, use the search bar to search for a specific NFT collection by collection name.

Option 3: Use the search bar to search for a specific NFT collection by contract address.

Step 1C: Adding Filters To A List"

Decide if you want to add a filters and retrieve a specific type of wallet address. Common use cases:
NFT - If you run a promotion saying "The first 100 people to mint will receive an airdrop" you would want to get token holders that hold token ID's 1-100.

Trait - Give special privileges vai airdrops to people who hold rare NFTs. This encourages people to buy more in hopes of getting lucky enough to mint the rare ones.

Example: All people who hold the NFTs with red hats receives an airdrop that has access to a token gated community of exclusive rare holders.

Quantity - A common use case for the "quantity" filter is for people who want to run a buy 2 get 1 free promotion. Simply use the quantity filter to get a list of people who hold X amount of tokens so you can airdrop them the third one for free.

Time - The time filter is used for "limited-time offers".

Example: If you have a promotion running until the end of the day, and everyone who owns an NFT by XX-XX-XXXX date at 00:00 o'clock will receive an NFT that holds the key to an e-book.

Step 1C: Using A "Custom List"

If you do not need to generate a list of token holders, and you already have a custom list of wallet addresses, you can click the "Add custom wallets" button found at the bottom of the pop-up.

This will prompt a text box to appear. In the text box, you can now paste all of the wallet addresses (or upload a CSV of addresses) of people that you would like to send an NFT. No formatting is required as long as a valid wallet address exists, we will detect it.

Note: We do not have a check in place for "duplicate wallet addresses" at the moment. Make sure you do your due diligence before pasting this list into Dropys. If a wallet address is listed twice, they will receive 2 NFTs.

Step 2: Select An NFT To Airdrop

Click the blue "select token airdrop" button to find and select the NFT that you would like to send.

Select NFT

Dropys detects all of the NFTs that exist inside your wallet. Simply scroll and select or use the search bar to look up an NFT by name or contract address.  

Note: NFTs must first be:
1. Minted (or lazy-minted on Opensea).
2. Owned by the wallet that is connected to Dropys.
3. Have an equal or greater quantity than the number of addresses in your list.

for a successful airdrop to execute.

If you do not see your NFT but are certain that you have met the criteria listed above in the "note" section, you can click the "Add custom token" button at the bottom.

Step 2B: Manually Add An NFT

If you can't find the NFT that you are looking to send, you can always use the manual option. Simply:
1. Select the blockchain the NFT was minted on
2. Input the contract address
3. Input the token ID of the specific NFT that you would like to send.

Step 3: Review & Checkout

Ensure that you are sending the correct NFT to the correct list and that each person on the list is receiving the expected quantity of NFTs. Once you've validated that everything looks good, hit the "Start Airdrop" button to execute the airdrop.

Note: There will typically be a series of wallet confirmation pop-ups. This is normal and expected. If you stop in the middle of your airdrop, you risk interrupting the flow. It is strongly discouraged to abandon your airdrop mid-drop.

Happy Airdropping!

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