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Are NFT's a scam and a way to launder money? Check out this blog to find out how this artist has turned the tables to answer this question.

Are NFT's a scam and a way to launder money? Check out this blog to find out how this artist has turned the tables to answer this question.

We've all heard the question of whether NFTs are legitimate or if they could be used for mischief, such as money laundering, but what we didn't expect was for this common joke to become the inspiration for an entire project dubbed Coin Laundry. This project is a blank canvas for this artist to create and voice their opinions on different social and political happenings.

Behind the NFT

After speaking with the one-person show behind Coin Laundry, Jason, we got to find out what inspired this artist to begin his collection and what his plans are for the future of CoinLaundry. He started as just a 1/1 artist creating works that held his social commentary, but as time passed, he realized that utility-based NFTs were paving the way. He, too, will soon need to begin producing physical merchandise or tangible rewards for his loyal holders. Although he currently does not have a roadmap, he has one in the works and will soon release it to the public. While taking the proper steps on the way, he hopes to become a common name in the NFT/crypto space as CoinLaundry.Eth.

Airdrop a Gift

Right now, he rewards his holders by way of random airdrops! His latest airdrop was a piece of art regarding a controversial topic surrounding the Bored Ape Yacht Club project, his followers loved the work, and he then sent it directly to his token holders as an unexpected gift. He plans to do monthly pieces that hold his social commentary and airdropping them. While airdrops can inherently create utility, this artist is thinking outside the box and will soon produce physical copies of his art to send out or digital renderings. He also is doing an incentive program for those that hold three or more of his tokens. He will send out gift bags with items he thinks his followers will appreciate. To learn more about how airdrops drive organic growth, click here.

A Message for Everyone

While Jason is still working out the details for the direction of his project, at Dropys we do no doubt that it's here to stay. One reason for our confidence is his large following that has remained consistently active. With a resounding message of "Question Everything," he has created a place for artists to come when they want to drop the project and connect as fellow human beings. This is how he has created a community that is there for the long run.

Grab the Bull by the Horns - CoinLaundry.Eth

If you are interested in seeing more of this artist's provocative art or hearing more about his social commentary, head to Opensea to view his collection or Twitter to read his tweets containing his latest ideas and holds spaces for those seeking refuge from the daily grind of shill spaces.

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