Airdrops That Drive Organic Growth

This airdrop tool is increasingly becoming the method of choice for web3 marketing in the NFT community. Let's talk about WHY airdrops work, and the different types of strategies.

This airdrop tool is increasingly becoming the method of choice for web3 marketing in the NFT community. Let's talk about WHY airdrops work, and the different types of strategies.

Airdrops are increasingly becoming the method of choice for web3 marketing in the NFT community. Let's talk about WHY they work, and the different types of strategies.

Adding Utility

Incentive Programs

If you've been in the NFT space for a while, you've probably heard people chattering about how to drive sales and increase the value of the project by adding a utility.  If the purchase of an NFT provides special access to a community, or does something in the real world, its considered a utility and is perceived by many as a good reason to buy, because it can do things in both the short term and the long term.

An example of this, is when project creators use a perecentage of the sales to donate to a charity. Another example is when project creators give special access to a discord channel with resources. Although these are great additions to the project, they are starting to become the standard.

So, how can airdrops elevate the utility of a project and market the project at the same time?

Rewards Program

You can have a rewards program that rewards people who hold a specific quantity of NFT's from your collection. One example is by offering those holders exclusive access to an event! An example of this could be a large event that happens twice a year where all of the qualified token holders get to shill in front of known collectors in the space. This is great because it encourages people to purchase multiplies!


Another great incentive for people to buy in is frequent raffles. Not only are they fun, but they are also a reason to stay in the community. Who doesn't love games AND A chance to win a valuable NFT?? For example,  if you have 100 token holders, you can choose 10 of them who can receive a high value NFT from your collection. This keeps people holding your NFT, and creates buzz about current events in your project all at the same time!

Driving Growth

An amazing way to generate HYPE for your project, is by running a giveaway. It's known that the strongest connections we have, aren't actually within our direct network. The strongest connections, are actually found  within our friends of friends. When you get a retweet, your project shows up in the sweet spot!


Giveaways are more than just a fun way to get attention. They also give you data! By creating a giveaway, you will first need to construct a tweet that says something along the lines of the tweet below:

You'll notice, that EVERY. SINGLE. PERSON. that interacts with the tweet and follows all of the "rules" of the giveaway, are people who are interested in your project. That means, that even when the giveaway is over, these people could turn into potential token holders/buyers so long as you continue to bring value to the table, continue to create, and continue to engage with these users. These are the people who will help you identify your target demographic.

Web3 Wallet Marketing

This is the newest/most cutting edge way to market in web3. So, what is wallet marketing? Well, in short, we're seeing a ton of parallels with email marketing and airdrops. How? Because people are running full blown campaigns directly to users wallets.

Flyer Method

Once you understand who your target demographic is, you now know the types of users who are interested in your work, so you can run targeted campaigns to their wallets.  

For example, the NFT below is a picture of snoop dog. The creator of the NFT below hosted a giveaway and it was noticed that people who hold snoop dog NFTs entered this giveaway. Now, the creator of the project knows that this demographic is interested and is likely to convert. So, this flyer was created and sent to all snoop dog token holders.

Notice the information architecture. This flyer promotes research. Unfortunately, scammers like to use this "wallet marketing method" to encourage users to click on phishing links. The flyer method, is popular because it promotes receivers to research and encourages them to look up the twitter handle, and to find the project on opensea for themselves!  Remember, the reason why scammers consistently choose this method, is because wallet marketing works.

Airdrops are so versatile, and can elevate your projects in many ways. Make sure to check out to get started marketing your web3 project today!

For a demo you can check out this video for a demo:

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