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The heart of our company lies within the creative community. Our mission is to foster the growth of all creators, to innovate with a creator first mindset, and to grow with transparency as a priority.

- Dropys

A mission to empower creators

We believe that every creator has the right to prosper. So, we created Dropys to help continue the fight against "the starving artist".

The power that web3 brought the creative industry is groundbreaking. With this new medium, artist are building communities and networking like never before. We wanted to foster that growth and help creators continue to share their work in stride.

We know that a huge part of keeping web3 communities engaged and successful will include sending airdrops. Airdrops are not only an exciting way to give back to the community, but are also are a proven and powerful marketing method. With Dropys you can easily airdrop to unlimited wallets with only a few clicks. This saves creators time from worrying about marketing so they can get back to what they do best. Creating.