NFT distribution on autopilot.

The most powerful set of NFT distribution tools to build and scale your NFT airdrops.

Airdrop anything.
Whether it's ERC-721, or ERC-1155, you can airdrop it.
Generate a snapshot of token holders.
Easily create a snapshot of token holders based on quantity held.
Easy, click to airdrop.
No more messy airdrops, just click and airdrop.
No limits.
You can send as many tokens to as many wallets as you want.
Security first.
You keep custody of your tokens, our secure smart contract airdrops directly to your recipients.
Airdrop analytics.
Keep track of your airdrops over time, know exactly which wallets recieved your airdrop.

Distribute your NFTs with Dropys

Dropys combines the most powerful NFT distribution products and tools with world class resources and legendary support.