Airdrops made simple for creators

Dropys is the go-to tool for creators that helps you airdrop to your community with ease.

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Everything you need to do your airdrops

It's important to do an airdrop right. Let us help you with that.

Create a list of collection holders based on date, quantity, traits, and more.

Simplify the airdrop process

Because your time is better spent creating and connecting with your community.


Target specific wallets

We all know the hodlers with the sunglasses traits are the OGs, so we make it easy to make a list of them to send them a special airdrop.


Know your airdrop performance

Ok. You sent an airdrop out, but did people see it? Did it lead to more sales in my collections? Easily get answers with a quick glance.


Discover similar wallets

This is the best way to find people who are just as likely to like your fish themed metaverse avatars as your existing hodlers.

Start your airdrop

Try Dropys, and explore all the tools you need to airdrop to your community.

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Why creators love Dropys

    • Dropys is the easiest and fastest way to send airdrops to your community in an extremely cost effective way. Having the ability to send airdrops with a few clicks to reward your NFT holders is magical. Highly recommend.

      Alpha Girl Club
    • Dropys airdrop platform is by far the easiest method I’ve ever used to airdrop single to mass amounts of NFTs. The speed of the airdrops is equally as impressive as their PR and communications with users.

      Potent Potions
    • Dropys vision is very exciting. Their NFT airdrop tool has helped me save time. It is my most valuable resource in the NFT space. Saves me time, saves me money and enables me to support others better.

    • Dropys is the best airdrop service, easy, fast and inexpensive to use. The team at Dropys truly cares about your success and they take the time to make sure you have the support you need to use Dropys effectively. This is literally the friendliest and most helpful team!

      Killer Cat Bengal Club
    • As my project grows, my time has become super valuable. To be able to send NFTs to unlimited wallets and to have Dropys by my side, is so helpful! They provide all the tools I need to save time that I can use to pour back in to my community.

      Komard NFTs
    • Dropys made airdropping to hundreds of new community members as easy as 3 clicks. Thanks to Dropys I was able to execute our airdrop in a matter of minutes and saved so much time!

      Japan Drops

Know what you'll pay

At just a few cents per wallet, you can airdrop to as many wallets you want.

Airdropping to 300 wallets costs 0.04 ETH

+ gas fees

Frequently asked questions

You are probably asking yourself at least one of these. If you are wondering about something not listed here, hit us up in the chat in the bottom right corner.

    • What is the maximum number of wallets I can send to?

      There are no limits. You can send as many NFTs to as many wallets as you want.

    • What networks are supported?

      Currently Dropys supports the Ethereum and Polygon networks.

    • Can I airdrop my OpenSea NFTs?

      Yes, Dropys supports all NFTs from marketplaces like OpenSea.

    • How can I get help?

      You can get instant support at any time. Contact us in the Intercom chat in the bottom right corner, DM us on Twitter (@0xdropys), or message us in the Dropys Discord server.

    • How much does it cost to use Dropys?

      The cost of the transaction depends on the number of wallets and network fees. Make sure to check our pricing page for an exact estimate.

    • What wallets can I use?

      Dropys supports the most common wallets: Coinbase Wallet, MetaMask, Rainbow Wallet, WalletConnect, Ledger Live, and Trust Wallet.

    • How long will it take for my airdropped NFTs to show up in wallets?

      It depends on how busy the network is. Usually, it takes less than 10 seconds.

    • Is Dropys safe to use?

      Yes. Dropys allows you to connect your self-custody wallet, so you are in complete control of your funds throughout the process.